Pre School

Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment while giving each preschooler the highest level of care and attention. We will build strong relationships with families giving you peace of mind while you are away from your preschooler.

Preschool children learn through play and self-discovery. Teachers will offer various activities and tasks to preschool children throughout the day.

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Preschool Program Information

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Our Preschooler Program is for children 3-4 years old.

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Developing senses, coordination, & early motor skills are all worked on.

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We keep a low child-to-teacher ratio to ensure every child gets the best in care.



We implement the Creative Curriculum® to stimulate academic & creative growth.

We focus on six areas of development during your preschool student's day.

Social & Emotional development

Focus on how children show confidence and self-direction, identify gender and self as part of a family, community, and culture, ability to make choices, verbal expression of needs and emotions, respond to changing behavioral expectations, and begin to manage conflicts in social interactions. 

Approaches to Learning

Preschool students are beginning to examine objects’ characteristics, make independent choices, handle transitions, seek out others to play and carry out play plans, pretend, and identify and communicate about problems. 

Language, Literacy, and Communication

Preschool students show their rapidly expanding vocabulary by responding to adult directions and engaging in conversations. They express their wants and needs more clearly and in greater complexity as their understanding of grammar and syntax grows. They enjoy being read to and may read the pictures or retell the stories in books they know well. They begin to make sense of letters and print as they play with reading and writing and engage in wordplay with language sounds as they develop phonological awareness.

The Arts

We focus on how children intentionally use the arts, develop the vocabulary to describe their creations, and begin to combine artistic elements. 

Cognitive Development:

Math: They use an ever-increasing vocabulary of mathematical terms to describe and make sense of their world. They recite numbers and count objects with a one-to-one correspondence to higher quantities. Preschoolers identify geometric shapes and use the comparative language of measurement. Developing sorting strategies that grow in complexity and duplicating and creating patterns using various rules are skills best developed within the context of preschoolers’ play. 

Scientific thinking: the indicators show how they seek to gain knowledge and formulate questions, make plans and predictions, and verbally express their ideas and thoughts. 

Social Systems: focus on developing an understanding of their identity and belonging in different groups, are learning to follow the rules and routines, showing interest in family culture, and participating in turn-taking and negotiation. 

Physical and Movement Development

We focus on how children show their increasing coordination and balance as they walk, run, climb, hop, jump, gallop, kick, throw, catch, and bounce balls, and use their hands and fingers to manipulate puzzle pieces, draw and write, and to put on articles of clothing. 

We offer preschool children a variety of activities utilizing varied materials and equipment.  The materials and equipment used to provide many activities may be indoor and outdoor.  The activities are designed to be consistent with your child’s cultural background.  Preschool activities may be quiet and active as well as teacher-directed and child-directed.