School Age

Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment while giving each child the highest level of care and attention.  We will build strong relationships with families giving you peace of mind while you are away. 

School-Age children will participate in games and be engaged in various activities while having the opportunity to complete homework. Teachers will offer multiple games and activities to challenge children throughout the day.  

Child Care Programs In New Prague
To us, it feels like our infants are running off to Kindergarten in the blink of an eye. Thankfully, we have the opportunity of continuing to care for our students and watch them grow even after they go off to Kindergarten in our School-Age Classrooms!
Child Care Programs In New Prague

School Age Care Program Information

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Our School Age Program is for Kindergarten Graduates up to 12-year-olds!

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Developing senses, coordination, & early motor skills are all worked on.

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We keep a low child-to-teacher ratio to ensure every child gets the best in care.



We implement the Creative Curriculum® to stimulate academic & creative growth.

We focus on seven areas of development on during your school age student's day.

Social & Emotional development

Friendship, Trust.

Language & literacy

Reading, Writing 

Mathematical thinking

Addition, Subtraction, Problem solving 

Scientific thinking

Earth, Space, Nature, Weather

Social Studies

Maps, Locations.

The Arts

Creative projects, Art, Building 

Physical and Movement Development

Fitness, Nutrition 

We offer school-age children a variety of activities utilizing varied materials and equipment.  The materials and equipment used to provide many activities may be indoor and outdoor.  The activities are designed to be consistent with your child’s cultural background.  Preschool activities may be quiet and active as well as teacher-directed and child-directed.