Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment while giving each toddler the highest level of care and attention.  We will build strong relationships with families giving you peace of mind while you are away from your toddler.

Toddlers learn through play and doing.  Teachers will talk through daily routines/activities and offer toddlers various activities and tasks throughout the day.  We focus on six areas of development during your toddler’s day.

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Our wobbler program is for children between the ages of 12-24 months.

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Developing senses, coordination, & early motor skills are all worked on.

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We keep a low child-to-teacher ratio to ensure every child gets the best in care.



We implement the Creative Curriculum® to stimulate academic & creative growth.

We focus on six areas of development during your toddler's day.

Social & Emotional development

Include how they are beginning to attempt new challenges, use words to express needs and emotions, follow simple routines, and engage in parallel play with other children.

Approaches to Learning

They are beginning to examine objects’ characteristics, make independent choices, handle transitions, seek out others to play and carry out play plans, pretend, and identify and communicate about problems.

Language, Literacy, and Communication

As toddlers grow in their capabilities to express themselves in words and phrases, vocabulary in their home languages is emphasized, both from the receptive and expressive modes. Phonological awareness is seen in how children engage with wordplay, songs, and rhymes. As caregivers provide opportunities to interact with books and story-reading experiences, they help build initial concepts of print and early comprehension. Toddlers make initial attempts at writing as they scribble and draw with various writing tools.

The Arts

Toddlers will explore art materials, including finger paint, crayons, music, dancing, and other art projects.

Cognitive Development:

Math: Toddlers are growing in their mobility and independence in exploring the environment. Therefore, the indicators focus on the imitation of counting and early understanding of one-to-one correspondence, awareness of full and empty, following simple patterns, beginning awareness of shape and place in space, and matching and sorting.

Scientific thinking: the indicators reflect that they seek out items of interest, begin to use objects as tools, use simple strategies to carry out ideas, and build on past experiences.

Social Systems: include how they notice similarities and differences in people and themselves, show understanding of expectations and routines, participate in self-care, engage in pretend play, and help put away toys.

Physical and Movement Development

Toddlers are beginning to walk, climb, run, and jump to roll, push, and throw balls, use their hands and fingers to manipulate books, crayons, blocks, and other items, and participate in dressing and personal hygiene.

We offer toddlers a variety of activities utilizing varied materials and equipment. The materials and equipment used to provide many activities may be indoor and outdoor. The activities are designed to be consistent with your child’s cultural background. Toddler activities may be quiet or active, teacher-directed, or child-directed.